Why Choose Us

Our Process is Athlete-owned.

Built by athletes for athletes to own and create fulfilling experience. 

We Offer Total Impact.  

We are a lifestyle transformation platform rooted in individual awareness. 

We Ask Questions and create experiences.

We don’t believe in giving answers. We believe in exploring possibilities.

We Believe in Being Part of Something Bigger.

What we Do

Praxis offers a new way to view the questions and stressors of competition. Our programs and services are rooted in one basic question, what does the athlete need to experience their potential?

We provide multi-dimensional training in team, or small group settings. All clients begin with our Beta-Lete Know Yourself Foundation Course with the option to extend training through customized content and sport implementation E-Lete Packages.  


program overview



Foundation Course

PHASE: Know Yourself

FOCUS: Fundamentals of the Praxis Athlete Paradigm

TOOLS: Personal Philosophy Building & Self-Assessment


Growth Course

PHASE: Grow Yourself

FOCUS: Developing Growth Mindset & Identifying Specific Growth Impact Areas

TOOLS: Personal Impact Game Plan


Service Course

PHASE: Go Beyond Yourself

FOCUS: Team Service Mission

TOOLS: Strategic Partnerships & Team LegacyPlan



Experience Course

PHASE: Show Yourself

FOCUS: Leadership In Action, Plan Execution, and Spontaneous Innovation 


Customized Content

Customized Content (CC): In-depth focus on specific element or Athlete Attribute

Sport Implementation (SI): Sport Specific Skills Clinic

Yogi-Lete: Yoga specific instruction, mindfulness, and recovery strategy

Private Athlete Development Coaching

Tools We Use


Physical action challenges

Visualization, Meditation, and Breath work

Praxis Know-You Cube 

Personal Inquiry and Dialogue

Personal Impact Game Plans