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PRAXIS is a comprehensive athlete wellness training and leadership transformation program that uses mindful self-awareness and intentional habit-building to create a pathway to optimal athletic performance and life experience. 



Integrated Training Model

Focusing on the 6 elements of the PRAXIS Athlete - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Developmental, and Habitual, and the 6 Pillars of Development - Focus, Foundation, Fuel, Freedom, Feedback, and Faith.


Delivers Results that Matter

Improves Individual Awareness, Increases Player Engagement and  Growth Potential, Creates Language to empower team culture, Aligns decision-making, values, and purpose, Identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, Measures impact on performance, Provides access to a network of mentors and specialized resources

This is the hidden edge. Finally, an integrated development and wellness process to empower the person at the source of performance.”
— Rachel Dawson, 3 x Olympian, UVA Field Hockey Coach, Praxis Co-founder

What is praxis?

PRAXIS is a process and a community that transforms big ideas into high impact, sustainable action.  Inspired by training with Navy Seals, Olympic Champions, and Baptiste Yogis, 3x Olympian and University of Virginia Field Hockey Coach Rachel Dawson developed the Praxis Athlete Methodology in response to what was missing in team sports - an holistic focus on the person at the source of competitive team performance. 

what Does Praxis offeR?

We offer Team Workshops, Individual Coaching, and 2-Day Power Camps based on the Praxis Athlete Methodology. By integrating all dimensions of the athlete's life - physical, mental, emotional, social, developmental and habitual, the Praxis Methodology offers a new way to view the questions and stressors of competition. During our programs, athletes develop skills to optimize their response to uncertainty in order to create sustainable pathways to transformative growth on and beyond the playing field. Though self-assessment, personal philosophy building and intention-based personal development plans, Praxis provides a pathway for athletes and teams to create peak and complete competitive experiences.  Our programs are open to all ages, and all levels of competition because at Praxis we believe that every athlete is the entrepreneur, creator and innovator of their unique sport experience.

Take Action

Praxis develops competitors who own the moment, creators who master the experience, performers who deliver value, and leaders who act from deep awareness and with intentional responsibility. Praxis serves Athletes and Teams who want to know, grow, show, and go beyond.

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During my coaching career at the University of North Carolina, I’ve realized that the greatest leaders have an eye and ear for opportunity in tough moments. They are able to dig in and discover a power that lets them go beyond the limits of the game or situation. They don’t always possess uncanny skill or physical ability - what they have is great passion, awareness, discipline, and vision. They know who they are, what they want and, most of all, they have the courage to go after it. That’s what I love about Praxis, its bold and courageous. It inspires athletes to step into their own power, and discover their unique potential. I encourage athletes of all ages and abilities to engage in that exploration.”
— Karen Shelton, Head Field Hockey Coach, University of North Carolina