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“Overall we have noticed a positive change in her confidence and demeanor. Early on in the process we could see a difference both on and off the field. She is becoming much more self aware, and with Praxis, she is learning to identify her own unique strengths and how to unleash them in order to achieve her goals both in field hockey and life beyond the sport.”
— Parent of a 15 year old Praxis Athlete


with the Beta-lete Know Yourself Foundation Course. From there athletes progress to the Gamma-Lete , Alpha-lete, and Theta-Lete stages of development. Once athletes complete the Theta-Lete level, they enter the Delta-lete Completion phase before beginning anew in the Beta-lete stage.  Program names inspired by brain waves during flow states and peak performance.

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The Beta-lete Know Yourself Team Program is a 1-2 day in depth, in person experience with a Praxis Facilitator that focuses on culture, awareness, philosophy, connection, and performance development of a team, club, or organization. We focus on individual awareness and habit training for each member within the team or organization from athletes and coaches to parents and other stakeholders. We customize facilitation, skill training and follow-up to meet the specific developmental needs of the team or organization.

Choose your follow-up schedule, host on-field or physical training or specialized athlete attribute sessions. Offer programs to parents, coaches, and other stakeholders within your organization.

Not affiliated with a team but want to bring your our services to your community? Host The Beta-lete Know Yourself Individual Program is a 1-2 day in depth, in person experience with a Praxis Facilitator that focuses on individual awareness, philosophy, connection and performance development. Individual programs are open registration, and offer follow up on a personal request basis. Hosts are responsible for providing facilities and selecting the appropriate Base Program and customization options that fit the needs of the demographic being served. Praxis handles registration.



Are you eager to take your game to the next level? 

Praxis Personal Development Sessions will help you identify areas of growth potential, improve self-awareness, and create an action plan for lasting impact.

1 Hour one-on-one sessions with Praxis Facilitator over the phone, in person, or skype.  


It's time to get to work.  Contact to arrange private field hockey, yoga or meditation sessions.


Registered Dietitian, Academic Tutor, Recruiting Specialist


Our speaking engagements are developed to engage and educate participants on the importance of Total Athlete Wellness, and to create a better understanding of how an integrated approach impacts performance and culture

We are working hard! Digital Workshops, education, and online certification coming soon!!!