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We create communities of empowering connections that serve the person at the source of performance to discover their potential and expand beyond it into new possibility. We encourage you to do the same. Whatever you have, go beyond and share it. 

serve something bigger

Are you an athlete, current or retired, ready to step up and serve younger generations of athletes as they explore, discover, and expand beyond their potential. Do you have a unique sport experience and skill set to share, and no way to share it? Can you relate to the athlete experience? Do you want to empower the person at the source of competitive performance? Become an Athlete Influencer and through your direct mentorship of athletes and teams you'll uplift possibility in yourself and the world you live in. 


Are you committed to creating a sustainable culture of growth, connection, and service contribution? We are building a global network of affiliate teams and organization to unite communities in service to a better, more self-aware, and empowered world. Once you go through the Praxis Paradigm,  open a world of new possibility for your organization, and apply to become a Praxis Affiliate. 


Do you offer a specialized athlete development or performance service? Praxis is committed to offering athletes and teams a comprehensive network of services and resources to fulfill their specific and desired development needs. Does your service align with one of the 36 Praxis Athlete Attributes? We believe in bringing greatness together We are great at what we do, you are great at what you do, imagine what's possible if we work together. Become a partner service provider. 


Do you believe in the work of Praxis? Do you want to develop a new generation of powerful & self-aware competitors, transformers, leaders, and community shapers? Do you have resources to help us on our journey? We need you, and you need us. Let's work together. Support our work, and we will support yours, through our partner sponsor program.